Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Grant Helps Veterans Find Green San Antonio Jobs

A new round of funding will help those without veterans jobs find San Antonio jobs.

The U.S. Department of Labor recently awarded 22 grants worth more than $9 million from the Veterans' Workforce Investment Program. The funding will be used to provide green jobs training to thousands of veterans throughout the nation.

Among the funding was a $500,000 grant to the American GI Forum National Veterans Outreach Program in San Antonio. Overall, the grants will serve veterans in 19 states and the District of Columbia.

"(The funding will) give an estimated 4,000 veterans who have served our country the opportunity to receive training on and participate in the growing renewable energy economy," said Raymond Jefferson, assistant secretary of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Veterans’ Employment & Training Service.

Veterans who receive funding will have access to skills assessments, job counseling, labor market information, classroom or on-the-job training for green careers, skills upgrades and retraining, placement assistance, and follow-up services.

The funds were awarded on a competitive basis to state and local workforce investment boards, local public agencies and nonprofit organizations, including faith-based and community organizations.

The VETS helps veterans, reservists and National Guard members find jobs and benefits through existing programs, the coordination and merger of programs, and the implementation of new programs.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Denver Jobs for Green-Collar Workers

If you're in the middle of a career hunt for Denver jobs, like a lot of Americans currently are, there could be a position available for you amidst the green collar industry.

There has been a lots of focus on the green collar industry amidst recent years, and that's not anticipated to switch any stage before long, while added conservational jobs are being created and extra local, state and federal money is being slated to become more environmentally well-disposed.

An ecologically aware vocation is typically any labor that intimately contributes to minimizing our natural affect, whether it's through creating technology or giving out advice. Though numerous untrained jobs involve outdoors effort, which isn't exceedingly odd because of the category of the green industry, there additionally are various indoors jobs that are nonetheless considered to be green.

The current time is a terrific point in time to locate environmentally friendly jobs, since the financing for occupations in the ecologically aware collar industry keeps rolling in. Most markedly, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act provided $750 million toward programs to groom and set workers amidst rising, steadily-growing industries.

The drawback for numerous work seekers looking for an environmentally friendly job seems to be that the concept of eco-friendly occupations is still relatively unknown, and although there are various occupations that have been created only for promoting green, several of them are so newfangled that there isn't a lot of facts about them and their effectiveness is heretofore to be seen.

Still, there are a number of traditional employment opportunities that are now considered to be environmentally-friendly, most of which pay suitably and will grow in the coming years, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Therefore if you're looking for work in the environmentally friendly collar industry, however don't know where to start, have a gaze at our list of the greatest five traditional environmentally friendly careers:

  • Construction laborers

  • Farmers

  • Environmental scientists

  • Foresters and conservation scientists

A lot of the occupations mentioned above have been around for a long time, only as the environmentally-friendly collar industry maintains to form, so too do the variety and amount of brand modern job types that are solely focused on going eco-friendly.

A few of these un-original occupations include: natural light electric inputters who produce and place electricity systems that work from the sun; manufacturers who design and craft pieces for wind mills; entrepreneurs who make and are employed for conservational businesses; recycling workers who labor to further and apply the importance of reusable goods; and town planners who labor to decrease their town's carbon emissions.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Find the Best Employees with Staffing Software

Trying to attract the desirable job seekers to get to labor for you possibly could be tremendously hard. Loads of highly good and coveted occupation lookers earn numerous job leads, making it even added crucial that your organization not neglect out upon the chance towards your succeeding powerful employe.

After all, you would'd dislike for ye most unbelievable individuals out there to get to vocation with your competitors, wouldn't your organization? Staffing software might help to make certain that you will be aware about the best techniques to fulfil a organization job. However, with so numerous options out present, how do you choose the exact plan?

Beginning, assess your corporation to check its needs and how you need to manage your recruiting. what might be of use with a immense business could be excessively much for a smaller business. Regard where you see your company going in the nigh future in order to make surely that you should not hurriedly out grow the recruiting program pick you determine to run on. package vendors exist that cater to businesses in a nature of industries with all diverse department sizes.

Investigate figuring out your options with others in the indentical industry. These companies will likely describe what has worked correctly for their company in the yesteryear and might be proficient to indicate a slew of first-rate businesses to regard.

Face in to the technology reinforcement options of the program in question. Possibly could your agency come in contact with people 24 hours a day of the week? Are there a number of possibilities to get in touch with an individual who can help? There can descend a day when your business might require these individuals and need assign an selection that will likely match best with how your office works.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nevada Job Openings Supported by Solar Initiative

Anyone seeking a Nevada job may soon have better luck finding positions in the solar industry.

Gov. Jim Gibbons recently announced that the State of Nevada will dramatically increase its use of solar power, and is working with the State Office of Energy to complete a Request for Proposals, which will be used to develop solar energy systems at multiple state agency sites.

"This is a giant step toward my goal of making Nevada a leader in solar energy development" Gibbons said. "We will lead by example and make use of clean solar power for state buildings. We will save taxpayers millions of dollars in utility costs."

The general goal is to place solar energy panels on state property, including large state parking lots. Power from those panels will then be used to provide low-cost energy to nearby state buildings, which will result in savings for taxpayers.

While the request also will include the use of vacant state land for solar energy development, any plans would require the installation of removable solar energy panels, in order to allow for future development of state or other buildings.

The project will be entirely funded through private contributions, and any companies bidding on the project will be paid with state funds meant to pay for electric power from utility companies. And because solar power is less expensive than commercial power, state taxpayers will benefit from the savings.

The Nevada State Office of Energy has already identified some state-owned sites where solar energy panels could be installed, including:
  • Carson City - NDOT parking lot and parking lot between NDOT and DPS; undeveloped land behind DMV & DPS (not including paved areas); Bryan building parking lots and undeveloped land east of Bryan building
  • Sparks - Northern Nevada Adult Mental Health Complex
  • Reno - Galletti Way DMV
  • Clark County - DMV sites, including: Henderson, Flamingo Road, and Decatur Boulevard
  • Las Vegas - Grant Sawyer building’s parking lots; parking lots for DETR, B&I, DMV, and NDOA, as well as some undeveloped land between E. Sahara and E. St. Louis; parking lots and some undeveloped land between W. Charleston and W. Oakey Boulevard
  • Nevada - Department of Corrections sites statewide