Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hotel Corporate Jobs Phoenix Among High-Paying Hospitality Careers

The hotel corporate jobs Phoenix (Click here) has to offer are among the top-paying hospitality jobs available.

There are plenty of hospitality jobs that pay high salaries - some in the six-figure range - and offer great job security. These jobs include everything from hotel manager or chef to housekeeping manager or even professional wine taster.

In order to embark on any of these career paths, you should first have a good education, plenty of experience, and great leadership skills. Once you have those three qualifications, the possibilities are endless.

According to Monster, these are some of the best hospitality jobs you can get, based on median salary:
  1. Casino property general manager - $218,300
  2. Regional chef - $124,800
  3. Hotel manager - $112,400
  4. Regional restaurant manager - $95,800
  5. Head of housekeeping - $77,000
  6. Executive pastry chef - $60,200
  7. Sommelier - $50,400