Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Furniture Sales Jobs Florida Grow Alongside Retail Sales

The local retail industry, which supports many of the furniture sales jobs Florida (Click here) has to offer, is continuing to grow.

The March District Retail Survey from the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta found that sales tax revenues throughout the sixth district increased by 6 percent over the year. Each state in the district - which includes Alabama, Florida, Georgia Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee - saw sales increase over the year.

Florida saw the third-largest increase in sales revenues, growing by 5.9 percent over the year. This is great news for anyone seeking Tampa jobs FL or jobs Fort Lauderdale ( in the furniture industry or any other retail sector.

Louisiana saw the largest increase in sales revenues, at 15.1 percent, followed by Georgia at 8.1 percent, Tennessee at 4.1 percent, Alabama at 2.9 percent, and Mississippi by 2.2 percent.

Here's a look at how four important areas of the retail industry are stacking up:
  • Employment - The majority of retailers in the sixth district said they had no trouble filling job openings during March, marking the sixth consecutive month that there was an overabundance of job seekers. Nationwide, employment in the retail industry increased by 17,700 workers.
  • Sales and expectations - About 56 percent of retailers saw more sales than last year, while about 55 percent of retailers saw more traffic. A total of 72 percent of retailers expect that sales will continue growing during the next three months.
  • Inventories - Most retailers in the sixth district saw inventories remain steady or slightly increase during March. Throughout the nation, retailers have seen a slowdown in inventory growth during the last year.
  • Prices - The majority of retailers in the district saw their selling prices remain stagnant or slightly increase during March, with many reporting that input and labor prices have continued to climb.

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