Thursday, April 14, 2011

Volunteer Mesa Arizona Jobs Recognized Nationally

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The City of Mesa was recently awarded $10,000 and featured in USA Weekend for its 2010 Make a Difference Day. The city is one of three - along with Trenton, Ohio, and Wheaton, Illinois - that were recognized  for their volunteer projects and events.

More than 325 volunteers participated in last year's Make a Difference Day, which focused on the Casa Mesa neighborhood as part of the Building Strong Neighborhoods Initiative, as well as other neighborhoods throughout the city.

"This is a tremendous honor for Mesa and a very fitting national recognition of our staff and, especially, our hundreds of volunteers who care so much about our city and work hard to make a difference," Mayor Scott Smith said in a statement.

Volunteers who participated in the event:
  • Removed 39 tons of trash from alleyways.
  • Picked up trash along roadways .
  • Used 50 gallons of paint to remove graffiti.
  • Cleaned playground equipment at a neighborhood park.
  • Delivered fire safety awareness information to 800 homes.
  • Painted 469 address numbers on curbs in an effort to decrease emergency response times.
  • Registered 100 people to receive important financial information.
City officials selected Casa Mesa for the Building Strong Neighborhoods Initiative, which provides training, education, and resources to specific neighborhoods and works to inform residents about services and programs that can enhance their quality of life.

Mesa plans to grow its volunteer efforts even more by joining the Cities of Service coalition, a bipartisan group of mayors who work together over several years to expand community service and volunteer activities throughout the nation.

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